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Welcome to the home of Bricks In The Wall – The Sight and Sound of Pink Floyd, the longest performing Pink Floyd Tribute act in the U.S.  Bricks is a 9-piece tribute to Pink Floyd that re-creates the live Pink Floyd concert experience with stunning accuracy!  Bricks shows are complete with a gigantic circular video screen, state-of-the-art video and light effects, and an amazing laser light show.

Bricks In The Wall is proud to be the House of Blues Dallas and Houston exclusive Pink Floyd Tribute Act.

Click below to learn more about each of our band members.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Greetings! I’ve heard great things about your Dallas shows and would like to gift a future performance over Christmas. Have 2015 dates been set in DFW area! Many thanks!

  2. Mitch Koger says:

    A special Texas sized THANK YOU going out to all the BRICKS for that spectacular flashback & mind blowing non stop performance served up to the fantastic fans in a packed House Of Blues, Dallas, last night! KUDOS doesn’t touch the surface of the APPRECIATION hopefully channeled to all the BRICKS for the entertainment provided! It doesn’t matter if the first time is free or not, we’re all hooked & feelin’ good! 😎

    • Vincent Guerin says:

      Thank you, Mitch! We had a blast; what a crowd! We really appreciate you coming out to support us. See you next time around!

  3. Judi Bowater says:

    Talk about positive vibes at the Dallas show! Bricks gave a outstanding performance and the crowd enjoyed every minute. This was my first time hearing the Bricks and I was greatly impressed.I have seen Pink Floyd several time in concert and you guys rocked it. I will be back for another performance for sure. Being older it brought a smile on my face to see such a wide range of bricks. Thanks

    • Vincent Guerin says:

      Thanks so much! We really appreciate you coming out to support us! We had a blast at the Dallas show, and we can’t wait to come back! Take care, and thanks again

  4. Joel Polston says:

    Went to see them at House of Blues last night. It was by far the BEST concert I have ever seen!! The venue and the lights and sound were amazing. They rock!!! Close your eyes and you would think you were at a real Pink Floyd show. To be honest I have been to several real Pink Floyd concerts and Bricks in the Wall were better. I will definitely go see them again!!!

    • Vincent Guerin says:

      Wow what an amazing compliment. Thank you, Joel! We really appreciate the kind words; we had a blast last night as well! Can’t wait until next time. Shine on

  5. Jen Tschoepe says:

    I just saw you guys in San Antonio last night. I was amazed that you gave a show so reminiscent of the original. I felt like I was at a Floyd show. The voices were amazing. And those girls..Wow! Next time you come around I will be there.

    • Vincent Guerin says:

      Thank you very much, Jen! Very kind of you to say. We really enjoy playing San Antonio, and the crowd rocked! Thank you for coming and supporting us! Shine on.

  6. Janine Howard says:

    Happy 2019 All!

    We miss you in Houston Texas. Please come back soon!!


    Janine Howard

  7. Jerry G says:

    Our 9 year old daughter absolutely loves Pink Floyd. She chose your show in San Antonio as her first concert. Having started drum lessons a few months ago, she has now made it her goal to play The Wall at next years talent show. Thank you for doing what you do, it was an amazing experience for all of us. Once upon a time I worked for Laser Media, and seeing the light show brought back memories.

    • Vincent Guerin says:

      That’s so cool to hear! Thank you so much for coming and for the kind words. Shine on, and let us know if she ends up playing The Wall at next year’s talent show!

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