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Times Record – Fort Smith, AR
Scott Smith

“Seeing ‘Bricks in the Wall’ live is an experience of sight and sound every fan of Pink Floyd — and live music in general — should experience. The arrangements remain true to the originals, mostly, although the talented band do allow a bit of room for some improvisation. With Pink Floyd co-founders Rick Wright and Syd Barrett gone, Pink Floyd might not ever reunite, which is more reason for rock fans to thank the stars above that there’s ‘Bricks in the Wall’ to carry that spacey, wonderful torch.”   — Scott Smith, Times Record in Fort Smith, Arkansas

JAM Magazine Online
Review by Tim Taylor

Pink Floyd is one of those bands whose music is sacred to their fans, and shouldn’t be messed with by mere mortals. It’s not easy to please the masses unless your name is Roger Waters or David Gilmour, but we have the next best thing right here in Texas: Bricks In The Wall. At their recent show Bricks In The Wall kept their audience mesmerized with a re-creation of Pink Floyd’s light and laser show, while playing classics like “Wish You Were Here”, “Run Like Hell”, and “Learning To Fly”, and an epic rendition of 1971’s “Echoes” to precision. There were moments during the guitar intro to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and the sax solo in “Us And Them” where you could close your eyes and swear you were listening to the real band in their heyday. From the lights, props, and video clips to the musical intricacies and backing vocals, Bricks In The Wall are more tasteful and attentive to detail than any tribute band I’ve ever seen. If you consider yourself a true Pink Floyd fan, you owe it to yourself to check this band out.

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