Vince Guerin


Vince began piano at age five, born and raised in Tyler, TX. By nine, he was studying under one of the top classical instructors in the state. He started listening to Pink Floyd from the influence of his mother around the age of 12, and it became his favorite band within months of listening to albums such as Dark Side and The Wall. He basically had the movie “The Wall” memorized after watching it about 200 times! Other favorites that lined up as he expanded his knowledge of Pink Floyd were the Animals album, along with The Final Cut. His favorite song soon became “On the Turning Away” off the Momentary Lapse album, although when a “Pulse” album VHS tape arrived in his stocking for Christmas one year, the song “Coming Back to Life” became his favorite. In addition, when the live version of the Wall came out with the “Is There Anybody Out There?” album, Vince put the studio version of the Wall on the shelf, never to listen to it again, as this was the ultimate live Pink Floyd album.

Vince joined Bricks in the Wall in 2006, and he has truly lived his dream to be able to play Pink Floyd to audiences that range from small to large. Playing his favorite songs, as long as he’s sharing his passion with others who are passionate about the same music, is his dream come true. When he sees audience members engaged with the music, especially the younger generation, it makes his life complete.

Vince named his one and only daughter Vera Lynn, who was born in 2013. This was based off of Pink Floyd’s attraction via “The Wall”s focus on the traditional singer from England who is still alive today. Vince’s mother is named Mary Lynn, and his wife is named Stacy Lynn, and Vera’s previous nanny’s middle name is Lynn.. So it was an obvious naming thing.. 🙂 He has been known from times to tear up when he gets the chance to play and sing “Vera” live in front of a crowd. His daughter Vera hasn’t gotten old enough to make it to a show to see it be played yet live, but that day is to come soon..

Here is his equipment list:
Kurzweil 2600xs – piano, Shine On intro strings/synth
Kurzweil PC2R module – EP, strings
Hammond XKC3 – primary B3 organ sounds
Korg Kronos – synths, Us and Them organ, Pigs organ



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  1. Phil Richard says:

    A Pink Floyd tribute band is only as good as its Rick Wright. Bricks in the Wall has a Rick Wright clone!

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